Colour Breathing Meditation ~ A simple technique

Colour Breathing Meditation ~ A simple technique

This colour breathing meditation aims to help you improve your mood by simple use of colour, choose your colour carefully according to your emotional or mental need. If in any doubt you can choose a rainbow of all colours or just use White.

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Colour Breathing Meditation

Firstly Make yourself comfortable sitting upright

Close your eyes, and bring your attention to your breathing.

Anytime that other thoughts, images, sounds or sensations come to mind, just notice them, let them go  and then gently bring your attention back to your breathing, and your colour.

Perhaps imagine that you have a balloon in your abdomen, and notice how the balloon inflates as you breathe in, and deflates as you breathe out. Notice the sensations in your abdomen as your tummy rises as the balloon inflates on the in-breath, and falls as the balloon deflates on the out-breath. Watch the whole process for a few minutes

Now visualise your colour, perhaps in the form of light, or mist. If it’s difficult to visualise that colour, just imagine, in your mind’s eye, something that is that colour – for instance green grass, or blue sea or sky, orange sunset, pink dawn. See it in front of you, over you, above you, surrounding you, enveloping you.

As you slowly breathe, become aware of breathing in your colour, into your nose, your throat, your chest and abdomen. Imagine now that colour spreading out within you, into every part of your body, and notice the effects that it has. Does it feel uplifting, warming, cooling ,soothing?

Notice the sensations in your body, as this coloured light or mist, flows into your body with each in breath and spreads throughout your whole body, breathe the colour into your whole being.

Take note of how it feels filling your body with this wonderful coloured light

Continue to notice the colour and the sensations that it brings.

Anytime that your attention wanders, simply notice that it’s wandered, then gently bring your focus back to your colour.

Sit quietly enjoying the sensations all around your body, feel your body respond to the colour.

Then when you are ready, take a nice deep breath in, hold it and let it out, repeat it again.

Gently wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes slowly. You are back where you started.

How do you feel after the colour breathing? Take a note of any physical or emotional effects, eventually you will develop a small selection of favourite colours to use in various situations or for certain needs.


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