Meditation & Well being at The Studio

Regular Meditation Classes

Wednesdays  7.30 pm  –  The Studio at The Retreat

A great way to chill out and increase your peace after a busy day at work. A  guided meditation class created for beginners and experienced students alike, by a teacher with over 20 years experience. You will experience many different kinds of meditation ( there’s always one to suit each person) and learn several techniques that you can use at home to decrease the stress of everyday life and find your inner calm. Increase your peace of mind and improve your wellness. No sitting cross legged on the floor with a blank mind and chanting ( unless you really feel the urge!) these are simple, effective guided meditations and really good fun. Open to everyone age 16 years and over.

£8 per session.  BOOKING IS REQUIRED TO RESERVE A PLACE For All Meditation Classes and Events








Weekly Wellbeing Sessions

  Tuesdays 10am   The Studio at The Retreat

 The weekly wellbeing session includes Shibashi Qigong, which is a session of 18 gentle Qigong movements that focus on relaxation and wellness. It is a gentle, beautiful and flowing routine that is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing. It is often referred to as a moving meditation. It is not an exercise class or tuition, simply a chance t0 forget that the outside world exists for a while whilst relaxing and enjoying the session. Shibashi may be your answer to keeping stress levels under control. The aim of the session is to reduce mental stress and physical tension carried in the muscles of the body and to simply enjoy and relax. You can’t get it wrong and you only have to move as much as your body allows naturally.

A gentle seated, guided meditation follows this to relax and unwind mind as well as body. The perfect combination for improving your wellbeing. Tucked away in the cosy candlelit studio you can forget the outside world for an hour and enjoy some peace and tranquility.

Sessions are suitable for anyone of any age and any fitness level, they are simple and gentle.


£8 per session   £35 for 5                  Open session everyone welcome