Motherwort Plant spirit ceremony     Date to be Confirmed

A wonderful exploration of Motherwort ( natures Xanax ) and connection to the incredible energy of The Magdalene                                     

7.30pm – 9.30pm at The Studio at The Retreat

Using the plant spirit medicine of Motherwort, the Mama bear of the plant world, it invokes openness, acceptance, and peace and self love. Motherwort is an awesome herb.
Often associated with the Divine Feminine, Motherwort herself is a warrior goddess that opens your heart and strengthens your feminine power regardless of gender.
To help us embrace this incredible plant energy we will be learning about the power of the Magdalene, the truth behind the biblical figure so defamed by the church, and connecting with the power of the Magdalene and all she represents, the priestess of old, in a special meditation.
We will be exploring Motherwort in several forms and enjoying a divine restful meditation and connection.
( There are contra indications for Motherwort, so each person booking a space will need to check that it does not interact with any medication )

Limited places Pre booking and pre payment essential     

*should The Retreat have any reason to cancel any event, full refunds will be given. Refunds are only offered to attendees who cancel with a week minimum notice.