Dowsing & Mapping Auras Workshop

Sunday 15 August 2021  10am   3 hours  £35

Learn how to dowse and create a full colour map of an aura, identifying areas that are out of balance, need healing etc. Ideal for therapists, Reiki practitioners, energy workers, healers and also suitable for complete beginners. DETAILS HERE


Drum Circle Experience with Michelle

Sunday 12 Septemeber 2021  10am  2 hours £15

A chance to try the wonderful experience that is a drum circle, bring your drum and join us or turn up as a complete novice, borrow a drum and join in. A drum circle is a magical way of raising your vibration, sharing a sense of something quite special as you drum along with a space full of others, all together producing a sound and vibration as one.
you don’t have to be able to drum, you don’t have to be musical, it’s not about perfection it’s simply about adding your vibration to the circle, it’s not an orchestra it’s an expression of fun, positive energy and joy. Once you experience how much fun and how amazing you feel, how much the sound heals and uplifts you, you’ll want to do it more often! Book your space and experience something wonderful.