<span>, Sutton Coldfield</span>
"…Firstly Thank you, it’s not quite enough but it fits the purpose. When you first started treating my mum she was scared. Scared to be sick, scared to die, scared of everything. Her head was so full of fear and confusion. From the first treatment with you that started to change. So much that she insisted we all come to you so we all journeyed together. None of us had any spiritual beliefs, but you respected that and just treated us all, as a professional therapist. However when mum was brave enough to share her experiences while having Reiki, we all realised there may be a little more to it. When we had questions you patiently and kindly explained things, so that we could understand it. You never once laughed, or pitied us or got cross with so many questions. You not only treated us but you taught us all so much, about subjects we were just discovering. You took time to teach us, recommend books and more and the four of us began a journey of open minded understanding. You let us reach our own conclusions, you never preached. I’ve never been taught like that before, I believe in this case it’s particular to you and your understanding of the world. The week before mum passed she shared with us how much all of this truly meant to her, she felt safe, at peace and was no longer afraid to pass. I firmly believe because of her understanding of everything that you shared with her, thats why she passed so peacefully and serenly. We want to send our thanks and love and so much more, this is our testimonial to the incredible yet delicate impact you had on a dying woman and her family.."
- The Flynn Family, Sutton Coldfield
<span>, Leeds</span>
"I met Victoria through a mutual friend  seven years ago. I got to know Victoria and the work she does at the Retreat. I was having problems sleeping and mentioned this to Victoria in casual conversation. Slightly skeptical as I knew nothing about the benefits of reiki I visited the Retreat. I was completely overwhelmed by the relaxing atmosphere and calmness of the place. I had my treatments and I can honestly say I felt completely relaxed and energized from the treatment and that feeling continued I am now a firm believer in the benefits of reiki  and would definitely recommend the Retreat, the atmosphere, company and settings are truly wonderful and above all totally professional in every way."
- Denis Aldridge, Leeds
<span>, Cannock</span>
"I went to the essentially curious workshop this morning and it was FANTASTIC! Victoria is an outstanding teacher and I learned how to make some fantastic products. I have just made grapefruit and geranium bath salts with Himalayan rock salt. I added colouring too and now have a fantastic smelling Amber coloured bath! As a nurse I have learned so much about holistic first aid on this course and how to make amazing products, you really must book NOW!!!!"
- Paul McVittie, Cannock
<span>, Sutton Coldfield</span>
"I have attended several of Victoria’s courses and have always been impressed.  They are extremely informative and professionally carried out but are also balanced with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. In my experience I learnt a lot and laughed a lot too."
- Deborah Harris, Sutton Coldfield
<span>, Sutton Coldfield</span>
"I have visited Victoria’s ‘Retreat’ many times for different treatments. It is certainly a Treat in a Retreat. As soon as you walk through the door Victoria welcomes you and the ambiance of the treatment room soon whisks you away to anywhere you want to imagine being… mine is Dubai. Victoria’s treatments, service, cleanliness, ambiance lets me feel like I am lying in a 5 star spa. From Holistic treatments, facials, make-up lessons that I have experienced… every one is given with such professionalism.."
- Janette Chamberlain, Sutton Coldfield
<span>, Sutton Coldfield</span>
"I first met Victoria about seven years ago, during one of the most difficult times in my life. Victoria was my Mums therapist and when I met her was treating her whilst she had terminal cancer. For a year I watched Victoria use reiki along with her other amazing talents to make my mom feel safe, energised and at peace with what was about to come. Not only did she go above and beyond for her including visiting her at home when she could no longer drive she also took care of me. Initially I was slightly sceptical about the reiki, but then after seeing my Mum hardly able to move to being in the park walking the dog I knew it must be working. I started having reiki soon after and even now I can’t get enough of it. Reiki is one of Victoria’s many talents and I have been fortunate enough to experience her Thai neck and shoulder massage, floating massage, facials, eye brow waxing and many more and have never been disappointed with the outcome. Victoria even lets you make up a treatment of different things if you can’t quite decide what it is you want! Not only is she very skilled in what she does the setting in which it takes place is just wonderful. A lot of my friends and family like to go there just to sit and rest! The therapy room is beautiful and relaxing and Victoria always makes you feel at home, never bumping into other clients and having complete privacy. Victoria is one of the most incredible people I have come across, her warmth, love and kindness for others in general shines through every time I see her and she has supported me through some very difficult times, for that I will be forever grateful. Victoria is my reiki master and I have completed my first level with her and hope to go on further with this in the future. The course was over a three day period and only one other student was there which enabled us to really concentrate and learn in a peaceful environment. Victoria made the training enjoyable, provided lunch each day (she is a fantastic cook!) and really put her time and effort into ensuring we had the skills and understanding to use reiki on ourselves and other people. The cost of the course was very reasonable and well worth the money. I feel so fortunate to have been attuned to reiki and learn from Victoria who was very patient, thorough and a skilled teacher. Well worth doing in my opinion!"
- C Maiden, Sutton Coldfield
<span>, Sutton Coldfield</span>
"I’ve been a client of Victoria’s for over 11 years. In all of that time I have only ever had excellent service and wonderful treatments. She goes above and beyond to make each treatment special, she really genuinely cares about her clients too. Her treatment studio is always spotlessly clean and very welcoming and just sitting in there is relaxing. She has an incredible knowledge about her products, her treatments and also about the human body, all of which probably comes from her years of experience and her love of her job. I always look forward to my time at The Retreat and I recommend her to everyone who loves great treatments and time out."
- Marcus Haig, Sutton Coldfield
<span>, Sutton Coldfield</span>
"I have had the pleasure of attending three courses delivered by Victoria . She is very professional and every study day has been fun and informative. I have her to thank for introducing me to the wonderful world of reiki. I would thoroughly recommend her courses to anyone."
- Sue Pardoe, Sutton Coldfield
<span>, Sutton Coldfield</span>
"I see Victoria on a regular basis for complimentary therapies. Every session I have attended has been relaxing and I feel that Victoria really helps my well being. I would encourage anyone to go along and experience her expertise."
- John Pardoe, Sutton Coldfield
<span>, Sutton Coldfield</span>
"A while ago, I embarked on a Reiki 1 course with Victoria. It was a fantastic experience! She has a wealth of knowledge and is excellently prepared. I was able to learn in a relaxed and encouraging environment and Victoria teaches with such enthusiasm and patience. I have developed my skills since then with lots of help from Victoria and I can’t wait to start Reiki 2 in a few weeks time! I have been coming to Victoria at ‘The Retreat’ for years. No matter how bad the week has been you can guarantee that you will always feel 110% better by the time you leave. She has a great ability to make you completely relaxed and at ease and can tailor the treatments to deliver exactly what you require. Don’t know what I would do without her!"
- Sarah Brown, Sutton Coldfield
<span>, Sutton Coldfield</span>
"Sometimes when giving a reference you have to try and find the most positive way of saying things about something that wasn’t necessarily positive. Not in this case, having participated on a wonderful course at The Retreat it is easy to find words such as; caring, knowledgeable & professional. From the moment you arrive you immediately are aware that you are entering an environment that is conducive to learning. The course pace and materials were all set at the pace of the learner, I never once felt, rushed or bored! Questions were answered to aid understanding. I have no hesitation in recommending The Retreat for your learning. Thank you to Vix for a most pleasurable learning experience."
- H Gibson, Sutton Coldfield