Divine Bliss facial ~ Inlight Organic Beauty

Exclusive to The Retreat

The Divine Bliss facial will take you on a sublime, sensory journey packed with the fragrant delights of the Artisan Organic natural oils, balms and masks from Inlight beauty, the luxury natural skincare brand .

The facial experience deep cleanses, detoxes, treats and rebalances your skin in a gentle but effective way,  with a double mask, using facial and massage techniques from around the globe,  Indian Head Massage elements, A serenity pressure point facial massage from the The Himalayas plus a little Reiki from Japan.

You will feel relaxed, rebalanced and revived and your skin will be thoroughly cleansed, detoxed, balanced and revitalised. It’s more than just a facial it’s a holistic therapy that works on every level of your being, mind, body and spirit.


All Inlight beauty products are 100% organic, not a drip, not a drop of anything man made or synthetic, just pure, natural, high quality ingredients, carefully selected and blended, that give incredible results.