What is your vibration?

Your vibration and how to increase it

What is your vibration?

Your Vibration ~ what is it?Your vibration and how to increase it

Your ‘vibration’ is a scientific way of describing your overall state of being energetically speaking. Everything in the universe is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy at the quantum level and this includes you. Your own personal vibration is comprised of several energy fields physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each of these has a vibrational frequency, which combine to create your overall vibration of being. 

Vibrational levels fit within a range from low to high. If your vibration is low you may begin to feel tired, depressed, be prone to more illness and generally feel low. If your levels are well balanced and higher you feel brighter, more energetic, happier, creative and generally more uplifted. It is also important to note that energy fields aim to balance out to the environment around them, so if you are surrounded by low vibrations, such as a workplace environment ( maybe full of computers ) or people themselves who have low vibrations, this will affect your own personal vibration. We all know how it feels to be around someone who although pleasant can make you feel really drained, this is a great example of how they are affecting your energy field, where others can make you feel calm or alive and vibrant just by being around them. If you keep your vibrational level high, you will begin to attract more of the same, more good things, more vibrant people who match your field. You also become better at manifesting your wants and needs from a higher vibrational level. Remeber    WHAT YOU SEND OUT IS WHAT COMES BACK   so make it good!

How do we raise our Vibration?

It’s not complicated or difficult to raise your vibration and you can do it all by yourself. The methods may seem extremely simple and some a bit obvious but once you are aware you can make a significant difference easily and rapidly.

8 simple steps

1. Become conscious of your thoughts.
Everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality. Every single thought that comes into your head has an impact on you and every word that you speak out loud, your body can hear and it responds to. So if you constantly say to yourself ‘I can’t do….’ then you won’t be able to. it’s all of those little negatives that lower your vibration, the ‘I can’t’ s and the ‘I’m no good at’ s.  You become more aware of how you instruct your body and your mind and you start making changes, swap the negatives for positives and see how your whole world changes. Start by being aware every time you hear a thought or a phrase that starts with ‘I…’ what are you saying? Is it positive?

2. Find something beautiful and appreciate it.

We run around, so busy all of the time, quite often we miss incredible moments. Simply take 5 minutes out of your day and really look at your surroundings, indoors or outside, I guarantee you will find something quite lovely worth appreciating, even the cobwebs you would normally sweep away have their own beauty or the feather duster you use to sweep them perhaps. See what treasures you can find in a normal day.

3. Be conscious of the foods you eat.

You don’t have to turn vegan don’t panic! It’s simply that some foods vibrate at high frequencies, and some lower (broccoli has a high vibration as do blueberries; Big Macs don’t vibrate at all ). If you are consuming foods covered in chemicals and pesticides, or foods found within plastic packaging, it will leave you vibrating lower. Conversely, consume good quality organic produce, food as nature intended it, and feel the high vibrations disseminate throughout your body. Most important of all when you eat something be aware of how it makes you feel as you eat it, the more you practice the more you will become aware of sensations of ‘goodness’ or ‘happiness’ from your body when you eat certain foods.

Your vibration and how to increase it4. Drink water.

Yes, I know it’s obvious but besides keeping you alive, keeping your organs functioning beautifully and flushing out toxins, it’s genuinely raising your vibration too. By removing the toxins and junk in our bodies and hydrating well, we really do vibrate higher and faster and better, and you’ll feel it too!

5. Meditate.

Just 5 minutes a day can make a difference, just 10 minutes a day can change your world. Besides calming you down, improving your health, helping you to defend your body from stress and improving your mood and clearing your mind it REALLY helps to increase your vibration. Just simply sitting quietly and watching your breath is enough to make an impact for the better, and as a meditation teacher I can honestly tell you this is true. If you haven’t tried it yet, have a go, it’s really simple, just sit and concentrate on your breath as it happens naturally.

6. Be grateful.

Being appreciative of the small things you do have shifts your focus onto what is abundant in your life, and what you send out, you get back! You stop focusing on the lack of, or all of the things you don’t have and you become aware of the things you do. By keeping a gratitude journal, you write down at night all of the things you are grateful for that day, no matter how small, it raises your vibration and keeps you in a positive mindset.

7. Practice acts of kindness.

Giving to someone else (without expecting anything in return) shifts your thinking from “I don’t have enough”  to “I have more than enough to give to others.” Abundance is a high vibration. In the same way, being kind (as opposed to being mean) puts you at a high vibration. Gossip or treat others badly and your vibration will suffer, again remember, what you send out you get back so surround yourself by gossips or people who put others down and that will rapidly become your energy and your life, find the positive people and the good people and surround yourself with those. Giving to charity is also a great way of raising your vibration, especially if you have decluttered a space and can turn your unwanted items into treasure for someone else.

8. Get your blood pumping

Vibration requires movement so get going! Dancing, skipping, running just generally moving about all increases your vibration. The happier you feel the more you will attract good experiences and people to you as you operating from a different, improved frequency.

So 8 simple ways to improve your daily life, mood and emotional balance, try them out and see what a difference it can make when you vibrate higher!


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A therapist and tutor for over 23 years, Victoria specialises in Relaxation and Wellbeing, Clinical Acupuncture, Holistic and Shamanic therapies.

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