Full Moon Release Meditation

Meditation at The Retreat

Full Moon Release Meditation

Full Moon Release MeditationMeditation at The Retreat

This short meditation is a full moon ritual to release anything not serving you and encouraging forgiveness and peace of mind.

A full moon is a time of change. It is a point at which energy peaks and then subsides, a little bit like a cosmic sigh, so it is the perfect time to release all negativity and anything that isn’t helping you progress forwards and full of happiness, it’s also a great time for forgiveness. Follow the steps below to complete your own mini ritual and meditation.

  1. Take a moment to just breathe. Breathe normally and simply focus your attention on your abdomen as it rises and falls in a rhythm to your breathing. Sit quietly and allow your shoulders to relax and let the peace bring you a sense of calm.
  2. If you’d like to you can light a candle to give you something to focus on.
  3. Decide on 3 things in your life that you would like to release, emotions, memories, beliefs, anything that is holding you back from achieving your goals or that bothers you on a regular basis, perhaps a bad habit?. If you can’t think of anything specific then simply use the phrase ” I am releasing anything that is blocking me from achieving my goals ”  You can also think of someone that you might like to forgive.
  4. Bring to mind the first thing that you want to release. Visualise it as clearly as possible, how it affects you and it’s negativity. Take a deep breath in imagining you drawing in the pale white moonlight, letting it expand throughout your body and as you exhale let your breath carry the block out of your body and away into the moonlight, releasing it from your being. Breathe in moonlight and breathe out what you want to release for a few minutes. Repeat for all 3 things . If you have a person that you want to send forgiveness to, do the same, focus on them, whatever it is that you feel you need to forgive them for, the more detail the better, breathe in the moonlight, allow it to fill your body and breathe out the release of forgiveness.
  5. Spend a few minutes visualising what your life will be like without the blocks in it, in as much detail as possible for each thing. How will being free from your bad habit change your day? How will no longer carrying any negative feelings towards the person you have forgiven affect your life? Focus on all of the positive things, only the good elements and soak up all of the positive energy. Say to yourself ” I am releasing all of this” and visualise any left over energy draining away from your body.
  6. Sit peacefully for a while just breathing in the moon energy and being at peace.
  7. When you have finished blow out your candle and wash your hands.

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