Create your own Message box

Create your own Message box


Message boxes, miracle boxes, prayer boxes or spirit boxes have been used for many years by people to manifest their desires, needs and wants.

A modern take on the original prayer box ( where you write your prayers and put in the box and send your messages to god ) is a message box, used by people who believe in cosmic ordering, who write down their order for the universe and send positive energies to it, to manifest their order. It is a simple manifestation tool that you can use on a daily basis and it can be used in many different ways for many different things, including giving hopes and fears to the universe to deal with so that you can release them, a great therapeutic technique I recommend to clients and students quite often.

You could create two boxes, one for manifesting the things that you want and another for releasing the stuff that you don’t or you can focus on either. If you’re feeling inspired then read on to learn how to make your own box.

What’s your focus?

Choose a focus for your box or boxes. You may like just one box, or two separate ones as mentioned above, or a box for each area of your life, Home, Love, Work etc.

Create your Box

Once you have decided how many boxes you want, you can get really creative. You could go out and purchase a special box, you may already have one at home that you might like to use, or you can add a little love to the whole process and create your own, who doesn’t love a bit of art therapy now and then?

It doesn’t even have to be a box, I have several students who have hand made beautiful velvet and patchwork drawstring bags to put their messages in, decorated with embroidery, buttons and ribbons. Use whatever you are drawn to, whatever matches your needs and whatever you will enjoy using for time to come. Something that has meaning and that you can attach your focus to easily.

For those of you choosing to use a box, size is not very, you can always roll up your messages really small on slips of paper that won’t take up much room in a small box, or you can pick something big enough to sit on. As long as you can pop your messages, hopes, dreams and fears into it, that’s what counts.


Certain shapes have a relevance for boxes or bags;

Heart shapes obviously represents love, relationships and all things romantic or family, A square usually signifies a firm, solid foundation, something stable and long lasting, Ideal for requests for life, home, career and important subjects, and a circle represents spiritual development, inner growth and self improvement, a great shape for positive affirmations and requests to develop personally.



Colours play a very important part in decorating your box or bag. Here are some very common colour associations that might help with your choices

Personalise you box or bag as much as possible, to make it yours. Boxes are easy to decorate with words, pictures, painting or decoupage. You can use photographs, images from magazines, words of inspiration, positive affirmations, the possibilities are endless. You can get as carried away as you want, create something that makes you feel good, that you love to look at. Take your time to carefully choose what you would like it to represent and the vibe that you want to create. All of the attention that you give to your creation sends great energy to it, remember the rule ‘ energy flows where attention goes’. You will be creating a wonderful positively charged vessel to put your requests, hopes and fears inside.


Once you have created it, sit quietly with it and dedicate in in your mind to whoever you wish to send your messages to, be it God, The Universe, Angels, Spirit, whatever works for you, tell them that you will be using it to send messages, requests or to hand over fears to them and place it in a safe place.


To use your box or bag, sit down quietly and think clearly about what you want to ask the universe/god/spirit/angels for or what it is that you want to release to them to deal with on your behalf.

Write it very clearly and accurately on a slip of paper e.g. ‘Please send me guidance to help with my job’ or perhaps ‘please send me support for my depression’ or ‘please send me a solution to my relationship problems’

Fold or roll the slip of paper up and put it in your box. Leave it in there and give it up to the Universe to deal with. You can do this on a daily basis for as many things as you want, there are no limits. Try to write it in a positive format, rather than a negative one e.g ‘please send me inspiration to help with my diet’ rather than ‘ I’m overweight and unhappy’. You can also add great positive intentions to the box too, ‘I’m happy in the skin that I’m in’.

After a while, open your box and take out your papers. Look through and see how many have been answered, how many you have found a solution too, you will be pleasantly surprised. Take out the fulfilled requests and answered questions and put back any that remain unresolved, checking first to see if perhaps you could re word them to be more effective.

It’s a great way to focus on self improvement, self development and uplifting yourself when you feel a little low.

You can also celebrate the wonderful things by having a thank you box, or a blessings box, each day add on a slip of paper something that you are grateful for, no matter how small. At the end of a year open your blessings box and see all of the things that you have been grateful for, for the past year. It’s the small things that make big things, and help you to focus on what is really important, stopping you from getting lost and stressed in the complexities of daily life.

Enjoy the creative process and stick with it, it’s a great daily habit to have.





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