What is the Divine Feminine?

What is the Divine Feminine?

We hear more and more about the rise of The Divine Feminine, but what actually is it?

Contrary to popular belief, the Divine Feminine isn’t limited only to the female of the species, it is an energy that we all possess, no matter where we are on the gender spectrum it’s about energy not gender.

The Divine Feminine is a form of energy that all beings possess. It is known by many names Shakti, Yin, lunar energy and is often connected symbolically with the moon, Gaia (Mother Earth), and water and just like the Divine Masculine, it is ‘one half’ of the Spirit of Life.

Both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine arise mutually, and in their most natural state, work together effortlessly and harmoniously to bring balance.


The Light and Dark sides

Both energies have a light and shadow side, which in themselves are fairly neutral but in excess create an imbalance and can then become a problem. Often the shadow side energy is viewed as the undeveloped energy, an immature version of the fully developed light energies.

Divine Feminine Shadow Side: Divine Masculine Shadow Side:
Victim Persecutor
Co-dependent Cold detachment
Insecure Controlling
Manipulative Egotistical
Passive Aggressive
Overly emotional Emotionally numb
Acquiesce Dominate
Inauthentic Abusive
Cruel Ruthless
Divine Feminine Light Side: Divine Masculine Light Side:
Intuitive Mindful
Vulnerable Accountable
Authentic Integrity
Creative Organized
Compassionate Merciful
Inter-dependent Independent
Open-minded Non-judgmental
Tenacious Courageous
Sensual Sexual
Instinctual Intellectual
Considerate Impartial
Spontaneous Strategic
Adaptable Grounded
Will to love Will to power

Where is the balance currently?

Currently the world at the moment is believed to have an excess of Divine masculine energy, as an active force, the Divine Masculine is responsible for progress and evolution. Unlike feminine energy, it moves forward, achieves and is quite efficient at it. To continue with life and evolve we need growth and change, and always have.

But the shadow side of the Divine Masculine is its preoccupation with power. When masculine energy becomes corrupt, it results in the toxic patriarchal society we see today that is based on a foundational philosophy of acquire, use and dominate. The consequence is a world full of racial, sexual, and religious intolerance; gender inequality; unrestrained materialism resulting in large-scale environmental decimation; raping and pillaging of the earth resulting in climate change that leads to huge natural disasters and social collapse and more. Unchecked this overwhelm of masculine energy creates chaos.

The checks and balances therefore come from The Divine Feminine, which is why we are hearing so much about it rising. It’s not a battle between who wins, the Divine Feminine isn’t trying to suppress the masculine, it’s simply bringing it’s energies for balance. All of the femnine energies are emerging, with people speaking up about wrongs, more tolerance, more kindness, a resurgence in self care and spirituality, all coming with the feminine energies.

Awaken your Divine Feminine

No matter what how you identify, with or without gender once you commit to awakening the Divine Feminine within you, you may experience:

  • Enhanced intuition (higher perception)
  • Sharpened instincts (animal perception)
  • More flexibility and spontaneity
  • Greater self compassion
  • Increased love and acceptance of others
  • Connection with the Creator within
  • More ability to enjoy the small things in life
  • Greater receptivity to yourself, others, and life
  • Increased ability to let go
  • Deeper comfort with the unknown and reduced anxiety
  • Heightened connection with your body and sensuality
  • Enhanced ability to relax, receive, and just be

Bringing the sense of balance to your energies is a wonderful experience and a continuing work in progress and the next article will look at ways of awakening the Divine Feminine within find it HERE.

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