Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy

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Ever been curious about who you were in a past life?

Would you like to know if there’s a link with any repetitive behaviour or problems in this life?

Would you like to go back and change things to remove any blocks you may have to your progression personally or spiritually?

If so, Past Life Regression may well hold the answer….


What is a Past Life Regression?Past Life Regression at The Retreat

Many of us believe that we have lived before; some have lived many lives, some fewer. Sometimes some of the memories  from previous lives can be brought forward into our present life and affect us physically, emotionally or psychologically . Just as a child’s earliest experiences influence them as an adult later in life, the stored knowledge of past lives can contribute to and affect our present choices and decisions too.

How is it done?

To access these previous lives, the client is guided in a hypnotic meditation and whilst in this pleasant, relaxed state, events and memories from a past life can be recalled and if necessary, therapeutic intervention carried out to ensure that any negative traits or problems lingering from previous lives are eliminated so that they can no longer affect the client in their current life. Accessing these memories allows the healing process to begin.

Why have Past Life Regression therapy?

The majority of clients who have Past Life Regression are doing so purely out of curiosity. Some have triggered recall, whereby a place or noise for example can trigger a past life memory or feeling; or spontaneous recall where memories may surface out of the blue as a kind of flashback. Then there are those that have recurring dreams of a particular place or time in history or some who are obsessed with a specific historical period for some unknown reason.

There are others however, who seek a Past Life Regression to help in some way with healing. Such experiences have been known to benefit clients with for example phobias, but also anxiety, asthma, migraines and many more where the root cause is unknown.

This is done by helping you to find the source and history of current blocks and difficulties, giving you the freedom to experience who you really are in a much deeper way and understanding the true root causes of your symptoms. When the core reasons are seen and experienced, understood and resolved, the symptoms disappear or at least ease up significantly.

What happens in a Past Life Regression session?

We begin by having a consultation, finding your aims for the session and discussing the process.

Whilst lying comfortably therapy couch,  You are gently led into a state of deep relaxation, using a guided meditation. During the whole process, you are completely aware and totally in control. You can hear everything, talk freely and move if you want to. I am simply there to guide you and make you feel comfortable.

I will then encourage you on your journey back through time, to explore whatever it is that your unconscious chooses to bring to the surface. If anything needs to be released, recollected or healed, this is dealt with during this time.We cannot predetermine which life is arrived at, what it is going to be like and what your circumstances are going to be. It is a complete adventure. If you are simply exploring we can look at details about where you are, when and who else is there with you, do you recognise anyone from this lifetime as part of your soul group. It is possible to regress to deal with a difficult relationship that you have with someone in this lifetime, and this can be worked on too.

Once you have become aware of certain elements of your past life, if any healing or therapy is required, we can carry that out at the time, in order to enhance your current life and rid yourself of any resulting issues you no longer wish to have.

At the end of each session your body’s energy is re-balanced leaving you with a feeling of peace and well-being.

All sessions are recorded and a copy will be sent to you, should you want one.

Please note that this is a process, particularly if you have an issue that you want to deal with, more than one session may be necessary. Multiple sessions can also be used to explore different lifetimes.

First session including full consultation, review and a recording of your session

   up to 2 hours £70

Additional sessions thereafter 1 Hour £40