Usui Reiki III ( Shinpinden) Reiki Master Practitioner

Shinpinden is the deeper level of Reiki training, known as Master Practitioner. In Japanese Shinpinden means mystery teachings and deepens your personal connection to reiki and development along your reiki path.  Advancing your  general knowledge and practice, teaching many traditional Japanese methods and techniques, advancing your personal practice and development as well as your practical skills including advanced distant methods. Taking you deeper into the history of Usui reiki , equipping you with all of the knowledge and skills for your master practitioner level and also leading you up to Reiki Master Teacher level should you choose to do that. Includes all of the latest information and skills from the Gakkai in Japan.
Includes 4 attunements and 2 reiju empowerments
2 full days training, manual and equipment provided, including refreshments
Pre Requisite Reiki II ( or above) held for a minimum of 12 months
This course can be taught 0ne to one and can therefore be booked to suit the student

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A therapist and tutor for over 17 years, Victoria specialises in Relaxation techniques and therapies. She is a wife and mama to her little boy, loves to learn new things and has a passion for shiny objects.

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