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Quantum Holographic Therapy

A wonderful therapy based on energy work and NLP. Ideal for removing blockages mentally which may have had a negative effect on your general life, performance at work or personal issues. QHT has been used to successfully treat poor sports performance, ongoing health issues, personal life issues, relationship problems, work related performance and general issues preventing clients from moving forwards, being successful and achieving their lifes aims. It is similar to guided meditation therapy, there is continual feedback during the process between therapist and client and it is relaxing and revealing. Past life issues may also be dealt with during the session. Only one session is necessary for each area to be treated. A wonderful experience with fabulous results.

This unique therapy takes you on a guided journey to self healing.As a talking therapy you are taken through various stages of healing and self discovery, this helps to release toxic mental energy and core beliefs that limit our way of life.



We are now on the frontier of a new way of healing.

Your body has all the data it needs to heal, by accessing the memory and changing your perception the healing takes place on a mind, body and cellular level.

When a past trauma or event takes place we quite literally store this information in our cells and major organs, if it is not resolved we can become fragmented and feel soul loss. Consciously we are not always aware of how our past or beliefs impact our daily lives but it will constantly play back into your reality bringing you life events that reflect what your subconscious is storing.

What is QHEH?

A talking therapy that takes the client on a journey of self discovery. A specialised healing method which clears deeply held emotional issues and unhelpful beliefs from the cellular memory of the body. Feelings of despair, anxiety, fear, insecurity, abandonment and rejection, feeling unloved, not good enough, not belonging, all of these emotions and perceptions can be stored in our body, playing on a loop preventing us from moving forwards.

QHEH helps remove blocked energy and restores a more positive memory, which has an amazing effect on the mind and body. it facilitates great change, allowing the client greater control of their lives.
Cellular Biology research has shown that intense emotions which are repressed cause chemical changes in cells in our bodies and leaves a ‘memory imprint’.
QHEH accesses this imprint and enables the removal of unwanted negative memories. The space is then filled with positive, empowering emotions and beliefs.

During a QHEH session you do not relive the painful memories, they are merely being removed and replaced with positive ways of being. You feel surrounded by positive energy and safe during the session. You may feel a physical release and an inner sense of peace and lightness. You will also feel an increased sense of confidence and have a clearer view of what your life holds.

How many sessions are needed?

This depends on the level of healing required, many people only need one session, others may need more, your therapist will be able to
advise you.